The Fee Calculator provides a detailed breakdown of the components of your cost to attend a defensive driving course.  The components:

  • Supreme Court Fee - This fee is the portion of the total fee that is submitted to the Arizona Supreme Court

  • Court Division Fee - The fee charged by the court jurisdiction in which the violation occurred.

  • State Surcharge - The fee charged by the state of Arizona.

  • Course Fee - The fee charged by Arizona Defensive Driving School.

The fees reflected are the best estimation, and may change at any time.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office: 

Email: support@azdds.com
Phone: (480) 905-4499

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Class cost includes:
State Fee of $20, State Surcharge of $45,
Class Fee of $39 Classroom or $44 Online.
Court Division Fees vary - please use our Cost Calculator above for exact amount.